Fit the Dress: A Guide to the Wedding Dress Fitting Process

Now that you’ve decided on your dream contemporary wedding gown, it’s time to give it a try and know what it feels like to be the bride! Well, a piece of advice before you step out of the door for your first trial, go prepared. After all, it’s not just any random dress trial—you’ve got to tick all the boxes to get that perfect bridal look you envisioned.

The wedding dress fitting process usually takes two or more visits to the stylist to get that picture-perfect look before the final nips and tucks. But don’t panic or get stressed even if you have a third or a fourth trial. After all, you’ve spent years visualising this look—you’d rather get your dress just the way you had imagined it to be than settle for anything else! Here are a few more tips to help you master the wedding dress fitting process.

Give yourself enough time

The first dress fitting, or pinning session as it’s otherwise called, is a laborious process. That fanciful look that you’ve imagined all these years is not a ‘flick of a wand’ piece and will take much time to create. First fitting sessions can take anywhere between 45-90 minutes. So, don’t be in a rush or have other commitments or engagements in that hour of fitting. Dedicate the time and give in your 100% for your wedding dress alterations.

Be the size you aim to be

On your first fitting, your seamstress will pin all the important measurements to make sure you get the desired look for your D-Day. So, if you are planning to get to a specific weight or size, make sure you’ve reached your goal by pinning day. Also, stick to it until your wedding! The last thing you need is a wedding dress that doesn’t zip up on your wedding day, or a dress that is loosely fitted because you suddenly decided to lose 5 kgs after your fitting sessions!

The stresses of wedding planning can be taxing, so just remember to stick to your regular routine and diet among all the chaos. Easier said than done, we know, but it will pay off!

Take along your essentials

Whether it’s your first fitting or your last one, you MUST take along your wedding day essentials to every fitting session you have. This includes undergarments, shoes, accessories and everything else. These can impact on the overall look of your dress. Nude strapless bras, the choice of underwear, your shoes (or one with similar heel height if you haven’t zeroed on your shoes already), shapewear (if you intend to wear any) can all add up to the final look. Keep these essentials with you at all times.

Voice your fit preference

It’s nothing new for a seamstress and a client to have completely different ideas on the look of the classic wedding dress. Therefore, it’s crucial to voice your fit preference to your seamstress at the first fitting trial itself. Maybe you want to accentuate certain features and downplay others. Remember: your seamstress can’t read your mind! So make sure to keep communication crystal clear so they can tailor the dress according to your needs.

Bring an eagle-eyed companion

While you can pass bringing a companion to your first fitting, an eagle-eyed friend will serve you well on the second one! Whether that’s your mum, maid of honour, or family member, make sure you have someone with you to offer constructive, lively advice. Having another person in the room not only provides a second opinion on your final look, but they can also give some hands-on tips on the final touches, e.g. how to drape your train or secure your overskirt for the D-Day, and keep your energy levels up!

Choose your bridal dress team carefully

Your bridal dress team doesn’t just create the bespoke wedding gown of your dreams; they shape your entire wedding dress experience! Here at Kenny and Harlow, our team of designers, stylists and seamstress are dedicated to providing the best fitting experience for the perfect wedding day look, giving you a bespoke gown that’s created with love and passion.

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