Karyn + Simon | Kauri Bay Boomrock

Kenny and Harlow bride Karyn shares her search for the perfect dress and all the details of her stunning Kauri Bay Boomrock wedding.

Their Story

Can you tell us about your dress journey?

My dress journey was a long one! I tried on what felt like 100 dresses and not a single one was right. After visiting 6 bridal boutiques I was beginning to lose hope, but eventually found a dress that was about 90% perfect. I knew that Kenny and Harlow did custom dresses, so I went there to describe the dress I’d tried on, but also the things I’d wanted to change to really make it my own.

I initially met with Shirin who got me so excited about the style I was describing, and I knew that Kenny and Harlow was the dressmaker for me. During the process, Meg kept describing my dress as a ‘work in progress’. It seemed like a simple style but was actually very involved to make. It took several fittings for it to come together, and I wasn’t sure If it would turn out the way I had imagined in my head, but by the time it was done it exceeded all my expectations completely.

Meg and Shirin are such perfectionists and so skilled in their craft, they listen to exactly what you want but also offer their advice & guidance throughout the process. During one of my fittings, I eyed up a sheer silk blouse that was hanging on a rack, I tried it on with my dress for fun, but immediately fell in love with it. It worked with my dress so perfectly, and created a different look which I ended up wearing for the ceremony.

What was your source of inspiration (for your dress)?

I knew I wanted something elegant and timeless, and ideally I wanted something with a low back, but because of my body shape I wasn’t sure if that would be achievable. Other than that I really had no idea what would end up suiting me so I went in with no expecations. I tried on dresses of all shapes and sizes, and really let the process of elimination do it’s thing.

Can you share your engagement story?

Simon and I got engaged during an overseas holiday. I have a lot of family in Israel, so that was the first stop on the trip. I had organised for us to go to a famous historic/archealogical site called Masada, which is on a mountain in the middle of the desert. It’s common to walk up the mountain before sunrise, so that by the time you get to the top you can watch the sun rise over the desert below you. I’m not a morning person, and about ¾ of the way up I was ready to give up. I had done the walk before so I told Simon to go ahead so that he could catch the sunrise and I’d meet him later. He refused and made me keep going so we could get to the top together. At the time I was not very happy about it! We got to the top just as the sun started coming up, I was mesmerised by the view and hardly noticed when Simon then got down on one knee!

Where did you get married / what was special about your venue?

We got married at Kauri Bay Boomrock in Clevedon. KBB ticks all the boxes when it comes to a wedding venue. We both wanted to get married by the sea and KBB has the most breathtaking coastal view which won us over instantly. The venue is designed to make the most of the landscape, every time we went out there we were blown away as we walked down the platform looking out at the bay below. What also convinced us to go with KBB was the level of service we got from the staff. They are absolute pros and took so much of the stress out of the day.

What was your favourite part of the day? 

It’s so hard to pick a favourite! I loved the ceremony and all the words that were spoken, but if I had to pick one favourite it would probably be the cultural dance we included towards the end of the night called the horah. This is a cultural wedding dance where the bride and groom get lifted on chairs.

A bit of backstory – our wedding was originally meant to be in January 2021 but we postponed it to April in the hopes that the borders would open, as most of my best friends lived in Australia. Up until a few weeks before the wedding I didn’t think they’d be able to make it (which was an emotional rollercoaster!) Miraculously the trans-Tasman borders opened the week of our wedding, which meant my best friends could fly over and be part of our day. The horah dance is one of my favourite moments, not only because the dance is so much fun, but I still remember the feeling I had seeing all my friends’ faces around us as we danced around – I still couldn’t believe they were there and it was the best feeling in the world.

If you could give other brides-to-be one piece of advice, it would be…

I was told this by many people but it was the best piece of advice – the day goes soo quickly, so take moments throughout the day to really absorb it all and be present. Take time just your husband and you to take it all in, because otherwise it’ll be over before you know it and it’ll all feel like a whirlwind!

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