Georgia + Brendon | Tauranga Wedding

Their Story

Can you tell us about your dress journey?

I thought I had a really clear idea on what dress I wanted for the wedding, but after trying on a huge range and listening to Meg’s advice I ended up with a dress completely opposite to my first idea and fell in love pretty quickly with it. Meg and the girls were incredible to work with and were so accommodating to all my last-minute little changes and questions. 

What was your source of inspiration (for your dress)?

I wanted something that I could look back on in 50 years’ time and still love, I didn’t want to follow a trend. I wanted something classic with a twist of modern. I was able to include lace from my mother’s wedding dress into my veil which was very special. 

Can you share your engagement story?

I took my partner home with me to say some goodbyes to whānau before we headed overseas for 6+ months. Well, there, I took him on a large overnight hike that I have done with my family numerous times. During a morning tea snack break 2 hours in, he asked for a photo in my favourite spot on the river and dropped a knee. We had the whole hut to ourselves and no reception for 2 days which was really special for us to soak up the excitement before walking out and letting everyone know!

Where did you get married / what was special about your venue? 

We chose Old Forest School in Tauranga as our venue. We wanted a venue that really showcased who we are as a couple and thought that the whole setting at Old Forest School was perfect. It was outdoors in the bush, no cell phone reception, animals, and lots of games. Not to mention, I am a primary school teacher, so it was even more fitting!

What was your favourite part of the day? 

Too hard to choose just one! Getting up early for a coffee and walk at sunrise on the beach with my bridesmaids was the perfect way to calm the nerves and start my morning. After our first dance under the festival lights in the courtyard, looking over Brendon’s shoulder and seeing almost all our guests dancing was pretty cool. Also, my brother and friend played some live music for us and included a special surprise set of 4 songs which was so beautiful. 

If you could give other brides-to-be one piece of advice, it would be…

Relax and take some time to look at what you’ve created. Don’t get caught up in having ‘the perfect day’. We had a few tiny things go wrong or unplanned but no one else noticed and we wouldn’t change our day one bit!

Our Vendors


Photography / Erica Jane

Venue/ Old Forest School

Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist / Lipstick & Co

Flowers / Handpicked

Catering / El Mono Loco

Bar service / Beacill Hospitality

DJ / Thomas Hill

Bridesmaid dresses / Blak