Ashlee + Cameron | Auckland Wedding

Tell us about your dress journey experience:

It was absolutely so much fun! I truly enjoyed Meg’s direction and guidance throughout the entire process. So much so we made an engagement dress, a wedding dress and a reception dress! Meg absolutely bought my dream to life and I felt like a princess, especially with the stunning French lace we added to the dress, just so divine. My reception dress was so fun to wear also, I mean ostrich feathers just screamed ‘it’s party time!’ Overall, I wish I could do it again and again – it is a lovely feeling designing your dress and having someone who you can trust help with the process in every which way. Plus, the champagne on hand was always a treat when shopping!

How did you meet?

We’ve actually known each other since we were 17 – when I had awfully long black hair and he had frosted tips and was always on his skateboard! We have some hilarious throw-back pictures that Cameron loves pulling out at parties. We rekindled at an event and the rest you’d say is history – my best friend is now my husband! 

Can you share your engagement story?

Oh it’s the best! I found out later that lockdown had disrupted the proposal a fair few times, the poor guy. 

We’d booked Black Barn Poplars Lodge, our yearly trip for Cameron’s birthday, which coincided with the weekend that we were all let out of lockdown. We couldn’t get there fast enough after that second lockdown! 

I was thinking we’re here for Cameron’s birthday, and we’d booked a nice lunch at Black Barn to celebrate. My aunty had come to join us as well as a good friend Andrew who is quite handy behind the camera – Cameron had them all planned to help him with the moment.

The morning of, I was being a typical girl and getting dolled up for a fun long lunch with our nearest and dearest… so I was very lucky to have some makeup on as he had joked he was going to do it first thing in my pj’s – thank goodness he waited a little!

Once we were all ready to go to lunch, Cameron pulled me to the side to get a ‘birthday picture’ outside with the most romantic backdrop behind us of Hawkes Bay and all its beauty, it truly is just stunning… and he went down on a knee to my surprise and asked me to be his wife. I started shrieking with shock and my heart swelled with so much love and joy!

The best part is that Cameron had a drone above us so we have our engagement on video as well as the most gorgeous engagement pics from Andrew who was all set secretly to take the pictures unbeknown to me. Champagne was on hand and hugs all round! It was so much fun to also be able to celebrate with loved ones after so many weeks of not seeing them also. My heart was truly happy.

Favourite part of the day? 

Oh there are way too many to pick from! I think the standout moment would be my Dad walking me down the aisle and seeing Cameron at the other end. It truly felt like a Disney moment for me, such a dream! 

What was it like having a 2020 wedding? 

It was surreal to say the least! Such a rollercoaster of a year for everyone, but it truly was the light at the end of the tunnel, not just for us but for our family and friends to get together and celebrate for the first time in months too. So, for us it was especially exciting to have such a milestone to look forward to after all the chaos that was 2020! 

Do you have any advice for our future brides?

Plan for 15 minutes to take the time with just you and your husband, no photographers etc and just take it all in! Breathe in all the love and the joy that surrounds you and cherish it all. A day after BBQ is a great idea too, the day flies by so you get another chance to take it all in and celebrate the milestone yet again.

Our Vendors

Venue / Bracu

Flowers / Wild Flower Florist

Photography /  I Do Photography

Videography / Radlab

Bridesmaids dresses / White Runway

Shoes /Jimmy Choo Bridal